2018 plans & projects

So a new year is upon us again! I’ve decided to dedicate this year more to my personal projects and creativity as well as maintaining a good work/life balance, something I’ve been historically kinda bad at doing, hehe!

I have two solid goals I want to pull off this year. First off; actually pitching my comic book project to a publisher. The second one is creating a childrens picture book, I have two boys who love that sort of books in the genre I’ve chosen so I aldready have my test audience ready to go here at home!

Secondary goals that are just bonus stuff, I want to make art tutorials, articles/posts and what-not. Also trying to make more comic book work in general.

I’ll also start a new job soon, I’m looking forward to that extremely much! More on that later.

See ya!


I’ve moved my website to WordPress finally for better functionality, I plan to post some tutorials, speedpaints, posts about storytelling and what-not. I want to move away from the traditional grid-themed portfolio website since I want this to be more organic. I hope you’ll like it here, currently under construction but things will change quite fast so stick around!

Here’s some of my latest published work, a cover for the Swedish edition of Modesty Blaise comic book (Agent X9 -Modesty Blaise #12, 2017).