Long time no see!

Was a while since I posted something here, I’m planning on being more frequent here and nurture this little page more often. It’s been a fun year with mostly stuff being published for Fria Ligans Mutant: Year Zero roleplaying game, but also a bit of comic book stuff in the form of a cover by me for Dylan Dog. I’ve also been working on illustrations for a really fun book about nordic folklore and mythological creatures, more on that later!

Been spending some time trying to fine-tune my drawing style and finding the digital tools that fit me the best. Art styles is somewhat fluent I guess, but where I am now is a pretty good place to be, I think! It feels fun and even though I’m drawing digitally, it have some of that “analogue” grit to it. Most of the tools I use are Frenden and Flyland Design brushes for Clip Studio Paint. Did this Wolverine drawing as a test to try out some of those brushes!


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