New book out!

Hi! Was a while since I wrote something here, but I’m intend to get better at that. I have so much I want to do right now with this website/blog/journal, personal projects and freelance work in general. I decided that I’ll take some time this weekend and put some bullet points down and start making some real solid planning. Like Batman.

Things that will most certainly end up on that piece of paper I named “Planning” is: Taking care of this place (the website) aaaaand… Actually starting on (AND FINISH) a personal project, I have a comic book idea in my head that’s been taking form quite nicely the last months that I want to explore more.

I’m really disciplined (and fast) when it comes to making art for other people’s projects so I need to implement that mindset to my own stuff as well. Then I would have a freshly cooked comic book pitch before I can say “BETTER PLANNING!”.

Things that happened since my last entry; I’ve wrapped the art on the folklore book I was working on, which was Väsenologi written by acclaimed Swedish author Ingela Korsell (who co-created and co-wrote the PAX book series). It was actually the illustrator from those books, Henrik Jonsson, who suggested me as the artist for Väsenologi. The book is off for a great start in Swedish book stores right now, so I hope it will reach as many readers as possible.

Write you soon!


Long time no see!

Was a while since I posted something here, I’m planning on being more frequent here and nurture this little page more often. It’s been a fun year with mostly stuff being published for Fria Ligans Mutant: Year Zero roleplaying game, but also a bit of comic book stuff in the form of a cover by me for Dylan Dog. I’ve also been working on illustrations for a really fun book about nordic folklore and mythological creatures, more on that later!

Been spending some time trying to fine-tune my drawing style and finding the digital tools that fit me the best. Art styles is somewhat fluent I guess, but where I am now is a pretty good place to be, I think! It feels fun and even though I’m drawing digitally, it have some of that “analogue” grit to it. Most of the tools I use are Frenden and Flyland Design brushes for Clip Studio Paint. Did this Wolverine drawing as a test to try out some of those brushes!


New Beginnings & Moving Forward

Felt the need to reboot my website and be more active here (otherwise, what’s the point how having one, am I right?) so I’ve decided to have a traditional portofolio layout as a starting page and put featured art there and have a “News”-section where I put sketches, illustrations, mini-tutorials and what-not. I’m hoping everything will feel streamlined then!

So, will spend the coming week planning out some stuff, and my goal is to update at least once a week with some content.